A Fun, Hypnotic Journey Into The World Of Personal Change!

Instructions: Consciously, as you read this hypnotic text, it can be your unconscious mind that allows you to relax deeply enough to notice the feelings that will begin to change within.

Once you learn to believe you have power to make the changes in life that are important to you, you can begin to smile big smiles inside as you experience your inspiring ability to move forward and achieve with confidence, the personal success you’re capable of dreaming.

When you learn to use the theatre in your mind to make good pictures of your new and exciting ability to live the life you’ve always wanted, it will be natural to find every healthy way to get there quickly. Then, you can begin to step into the sound and feel of those good pictures that will allow you to experience this new reality for yourself moment after moment.

Because, if you can feel it now, the way you’ve always dreamed it’s possible, you can begin to step into these pictures of how you want to live with a renewed sense of quality moment after moment. Then, finally you’ll have power to experience the life you’ve always wanted right now within this moment. Continue reading


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Pain Management: Inflammation & Mental Attitude

written by Patty Pedersen and Robert Brienza

To date, in our past articles on pain management, we have defined what pain is and how we feel pain through our bodily processes. We will now get into one of the reasons that there is a variation among people and even the same person from one time to another regarding how they experience the intensity of pain, which brings us to part three of our series of articles, and that is inflammation and mental attitude (depression). Continue reading

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Natural Healing: The Power of Intention

By E~bm Tai Chi and Yoga Teacher Nate Fegan

To begin your powerful Journey deep into the exciting world of Natural Healing, simply allow yourself to Relax and Meditate as you Read and Experience the powerful intention within the following text.

As you continue to read, I recommend you learn to breath deeply and naturally. Then you can establish a natural posture that allows you to sink deeper and deeper into your body’s confident structure until you begin to experience a deepening sense of focus and relaxation…

Now you can use your powerful and intuitive senses to experience and appreciate subtle changes within your healing body as you become inspired to move forward one step at a time on your new and exciting journey to achieve perfect health and happiness…

Let’s Begin… Continue reading

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The Politics of Free: Clarity in the Business of Chair Massage

written by Raymond Blaylock

Raymond BlaylockIt is a fact of human nature that which we receive for free is valued less than things we have a vested interest in. If you have ever been to a Convention or a trade show you know what I am talking about. You walk around picking up items that you may or may not need or want. You bring a bag full of “stuff” home and you may or may not ever use any of those things. But if you purchased an item at the show you would keep track of it and use it as soon as possible.

Have you ever been out doing massage at an event and have someone ask you if the massage was Free? Why do you think they do that? Continue reading

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Ancient Healing Way: The Traditional Massage of Thailand

Written by Rose Griscom

Nuad Bo-Rarn is the traditional massage of Thailand, and is translated as ‘ancient healing way’. Thai Massage is a key component of traditional Thai medicine, an ancient holistic approach to healing the body, heart/mind, and spirit. Thai medicine strives to treat the underlying cause of any illness by addressing imbalances in these three essences. Each essence affects the others, so the most effective treatment addresses the whole person. Traditional Thai medicine does this by encompassing the use of herbs, diet and nutrition, spiritual practices (such as meditation), and thai massage. Continue reading

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Under the Stone with Dr Henry Roth

Dr Henry Roth presents a short video on his Under the Stone ‘RothStone’ Technique:

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Positional Release Therapy with Dr Henry Roth

Hey Folks – Check out Dr Henry Roth’s youtube video of his Positional Release Technique. His classes are being held at the Red Bank Holistic Learning Center. Click here for course information.

Dr Henry Roth's Positional Release Technique

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